Starting an Online Business Doesn’t Have to be Overwhelming

Our mission is to inspire and empower Gen X women to start their entrepreneurial journey with confidence.

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Starting a New Business Can be Challenging


– Little to no time to learn how to start an online business.

– Wondering how to navigate the legal, technical, and startup process

– Understanding the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing.

– How do I build a trustworthy brand that attracts loyal followers.

These challenges can be extremely frustrating, but you are not alone. I’ve been there, and I found a solution.

Learn the Secrets to a Successful Online Business

Imagine having the insider knowledge that big, successful companies use to make millions online. Now, think about using those secrets for your business. With the right help, turning your idea into a thriving online business isn’t just a dream.

Growing a business might seem like climbing a mountain, but with a clear path laid out for you, it’s entirely possible.

We offer you a step-by-step guide tailored to help beginners overcome hurdles and reach the success they’ve been dreaming of.


What is Inside The Roadmap?

graphic of small plant to represent the foundation of a business

Stage 1: Your Foundation

Module 1 – Diving into the World of Digital Entrepreneurialism

Module 2 – Understanding Your Niche

Module 3 – Building a Solid Business Base

Module 4 – Tailoring a Business to your Vision

Module 5 – Branding Essentials

graphic of a gear showing automation in business

Stage 2: Your Automation

Module 6 – Introduction to Business Automation

Module 7 – OPTION 1- Using Stan Store

Module 8 – OPTION 2- Systeme.IO (Build your own)

Module 9 – OPTION 3- Systeme.IO (Pre-Built)

Module 10 – Email Marketing Mastery

Module 11 – OPTION 1-Email Marketing with Stan Store

Module 12: OPTION 2- Email Marketing with Systeme.IO

graphic of group of people showing how to drive traffic to business

Stage 3: Driving Traffic

Module 13 – Sales Strategies & Content Creation

Modules 14-19 – Social Media Platforms (TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn)

Module 20 – Blogging

Module 21 – Video Editing with CapCut

Module 22 – Affiliate Marketing

graphic of person building a puzzle

Stage 4: Build Your Offer

Module 23 – From Idea to Market Ready Product

Module 24 – Creatives with Canva

Modules 25 – How to Build a Written Digital Product

Module 26 – How to Build a Video Based Digital Product

Module 27 – How to Host your Course on Skool

Module 28 – How to Host your Course on Kajabi

image of a graph moving upward

Stage 5: Scale with Customer Service

Module 26 – Organization and Importance of Customer Lifetime Value

Module 30 – The Downloads



✔️Learn how to create automations for your business to run 24/7

✔️Learn how to generate leads through effective marketing online

✔️Learn how to Brand your business so that you stand out from the competition

✔️Get the Master Resell Rights to sell a digital product already created for you and keep all the profit

✔️Have lifetime access to a free community with personalized help along your business journey

✔️Personalized Business help when you feel stuck or unsure. We have your back.

What People are saying…

Stay at Home Mom/ Caretaker

Teacher/Mom of 4


Learning lots huge thanks to the value in the course!! Absolutely 100% worth the investment, the course content, the community, everything is amazing. Has been extremely helpful in walking me through the nitty-gritty parts of setting up my business.

Caleb O.

Wow, well I walked into this as a HUGE skeptic that sat on the side lines for almost a year and in just 3 weeks after purchasing I've had a complete change of heart, my head is overflowing with valuable information and I've already made back my investment and more.

I really can’t believe I waited so long to jump on this knowing what I know now. I’ve paid for courses in the past on different subjects and they were way less comprehensive for almost double the price. If there’s only one thing I can say abut the roadmap it is that ITS WORTH IT

Aleisha W.

Signing up for The Roadmap course has been a game-changer for me. Even though I’m still new and just a few weeks in, I already feel like I’m on the right track to success in every aspect. The course material is so well put together, giving me the confidence and knowledge I need to tackle whatever comes my way. I can’t wait to keep growing and learning as I dive into the 3.0 version.

Huge thanks to everyone involved for this amazing opportunity!

Crystel S.

Benefits of Starting an Online Digital Business 

Low Start-Up Costs: Begin your business journey affordably. Ideal for budget-conscious woman.

High Profits: Elevate your earnings with lucrative services or products. Achieve financial freedom effortlessly.

Total Control: Enjoy the flexibility of setting your own schedule and making key decisions. 

Follow Your Passion: Transform your interests into income. A fulfilling path for creativity.

Anywhere Office: Work from home or any place you love. 

Family First: Never miss a family moment again.

mom working on online business

Roadmap 3.0 is your the guide to starting an online business, tailored for moms and beginner entrepreneurs eager to dive into digital marketing/ online digital business space. Learn to sell digital products effortlessly, creating a stream of income on autopilot. This course not only walks you step-by-step to setting up your business, but it also offers an opportunity to sell the course and retain 100% of the proceeds with it’s Master Resell Rights (MRR). 

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